Bulk Scheduling

It allows you to extract and upload a large number of posts along with their settings from a single source.

Have a large number of posts to queue?

Don’t worry. Our bulk scheduling tool helps you to make it quicker with just a few clicks. Upload the CSV/excel on our tool, sit back, and relax 🙂 while your posts are being queued.

Features of Bulk Scheduling

It not only allows you to post a large number of posts in a single go but also comes with various exciting features

Effortless bulk posting

With Turbosuite’s bulk scheduling, it is easy to schedule hundreds of posts that can be published on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Supports article images

You can add up to 3 images per content in the bulk content source like Excel, CSV, etc.

Specific settings can be applied

Users can apply settings to their needs for eg. when to publish, which social media to attach the post, and also to customize each and every post.

Review and update posts

You can review the posts before scheduling to adjust or correct anything like changing the scheduled date or setting another social media etc. Once you are done, all look great and you are good to go.

Changes to Scheduled Posts

Posts can be directly added to the queue to be published to the next slot or schedule it at a specific time. In the Manage Post section, you can change the schedule or edit anything about the scheduled post.